I provide freelance editing and manuscript development services for short stories, novel excerpts of up to 20,000 words and screenplays of any length.

There are two types of services available: a feedback (structural) edit and an in-depth (manuscript) edit.

For other editing services, or if your prose work is over 20,000 words, please contact me.


You will receive in-text or page-by-page comments on your story or screenplay.

These comments will vary depending on the needs of your manuscript, but might focus on structure, character depth, plot, story logic, originality, clarity, dialogue, point-of-view, general prose style and grammar.

A feedback edit is recommended for short story and novel writers in the draft stages of producing a work, and for screenwriters at any stage of the process.

It will give you guidance as to the strengths and weaknesses of the work and provide you with targeted suggestions for how to improve your manuscript.

Please contact me for a quote or more information.


You will receive a feedback edit and a line-by-line manuscript edit.

An in-depth edit will get your story or screenplay working on all levels. In addition to the feedback edit, a manuscript edit will ensure that every line of prose and dialogue is as strong as possible.

This service is appropriate for all writers whose work is at an advanced stage—that is, for writers who believe they have completed (or are close to completing) a final draft of their work.

The purpose of this edit is to prepare your story, novel excerpt or screenplay for submission to publishers, managers, agents or producers.

Please contact me for a quote or more information.

NOTE: If I feel that an in-depth edit is inappropriate for your work, I will let you know as soon as possible. You will receive a feedback edit only and a refund of the difference in price.

Turnaround times and payment

Depending on my schedule, I will edit your work within 14 days of the date I receive your manuscript. Payment must be made by PayPal or direct bank deposit.