“Zahid’s understanding of ‘story’ in all its forms is both comprehensive and well communicated. Having received his editorial and structural feedback on a number of projects, I can confidently say that Zahid’s observations on each project have efficiently pinpointed both weaknesses and strengths in all matters of storyline, logic and character.

In addition to this, and perhaps more importantly, the recommendations or suggestions that follow the critique are made in such a way that the  doors for new ideas are simply opened to explore without intruding on the writer’s own creative process.”

Jasmine Yuen-Carrucan
Director and AWGIE-nominated Screenwriter

“What are you waiting for? If you are a writer, you cannot do without Zahid. He’s more than an editor—he’s exactly what you need to help turn your creative impulse into readable prose. If you want someone who can help develop your story, harness your potential and fuel your imagination, then he’s the one for you. Love his work. 10/10.”

Siobhan O’Brien
Author of A Life By Design: The Art & Lives of Florence Broadhurst (Allen & Unwin)

“Zahid knows how to help a writer move the story forward in a compelling and believable way. He edits with tact and finesse using a questioning approach that promotes light-bulb moments. He is objective, logical and creative, which is an unusual combination. I also find Zahid incredibly supportive, and his light-hearted manner makes the whole process fun.

Working together on an important submission involved three editing rounds, back and forth, under tight deadlines. Zahid made it happen. There is no way I could have achieved the end result without his help.

Best of all, I learn so much from his edits and suggestions.”

Loraine Peck


“Zahid’s work as an editor extends beyond a comprehensive understanding of the functions of language and keen attention to detail; he offers key structural insights that have elevated my projects to the next level.

Enlisting his services has given me much-needed tools in refining ideas and narratives to the point where I’ve gained a fresh confidence when presenting the final work to industry professionals for consideration. If you’re a writer and storyteller, he is a highly valuable asset to have in your corner.”

Lachlan Marks

Journalist, Director and AWGIE-nominated Screenwriter

“Zahid’s critique was incredibly thoughtful, detailed and thorough. Not only did he point out the strengths of my story, he also provided me with specific ways I could improve it during the editing and revision process. I highly recommend Zahid to any fiction writer who wants to elevate their work.”

J.D. Sharah

MFA student